We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes. In some cases our mistakes can be displayed for weeks on end for the world to see.

In Frank Armstrong’s writing for marketing communications class, we continuously discuss the importance of always checking over your work. This simple concept still seems to be easily overlooked, even in the professional world of marketing and advertising.

A few weeks ago in class, we were shown examples of advertisements published by professionals with careless grammatical errors. I was surprised that something like this occurs so often. It seems to me that editing would be one of the most important things a professional would do before releasing their work to the public.

This got me thinking. If a company can miss something as simple as a grammatical error, what else could they overlook? This is when I came across some of the worst advertisement placement fails, as shown below.






The placement of an advertisement can sometimes be just as important as the advertisement itself. As you can see, this is yet another commonly overlooked problem that can produce a great impact on the advertisement.

As I looked further into this subject I came to the following realization. These are the type of ads I would send to a friend or family member to look at. What looks like, at first glance, an ad that would have a negative impact to the public, can miraculously have a positive publicity outcome.




I’m not trying to suggest these ads were purposely misplaced. I just believe that because of that happening , they got more attention than they would have otherwise. Society feeds off simple mistakes like these to humour ourselves. This is why these are the type of ads that people will talk about and remember.

Although they are considered “The Worst Advertising Placement Fails” I will be very cliché and bring out the old saying “theirs no such thing as bad publicity”.


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